sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

THE NOSE - City Paper for self-Orientated Travelers

Without light , stage or curtains, and perhaps blindfolded right upon arrival, by the time music starts to fill the air at “Club Silencio”, your imagination begins to fly. Strange but pleasant sensations stars to rise up from your subconscious…music blends with incidental sounds and Shoni’s voice in harmony.
As in the extraordinary David Lynch film “Mulholland drive”, this transformation seems to be more a psychological reality than a physical one. In the darkness, the idea is to put the predominance of sight aside, and to let the other senses lead us into unexpected discoveries.
It is the kind of place where passion for sharing meets creativity, and warmth inevitably spreads through the room.
On Friday and Sunday night’s, Shoni’s house turn into an alternative art venue that welcomes venturesome souls.
The show lasts around an hour and a half. Afterwards, you might stay for a drink, during which the strangeness fades away, and cordiality fills the air.

Once there, DON’T ring the doorbell. Just wait outside with the rest of the attendance.