lunes, 11 de julio de 2011

A Different Night

For those who ask… "Club Silencio" ; it is an expression form that cannot be explained too much but to be experimented..
Could  to be translated in “an intimate recital to covered eyes” waking up the other senses and your emotions.
Songs that will take to you to different corners from the subconscious mind, waking up your imagination.
The second part, after drink, will be with the eyes shortages, an acoustic that gives back  life to your eyes.
"Club Silencio" ; Queens is realised in a house in the zone of Palermo, giving warmess and privacy to the event.
IMPORTANT ahead of time to realise the reserve to the telephones that appear - 50$ with drink down
VERY IMPORTANT punctuality (23 hs) with tolerance of 10 minutes by the bandaged one of eyes! Thanks! .
                                     Will be for you a night different!!
Every friday 23pm and Saturday 22 pm.

Reserves: or to the telephones that appear down
Address:  Loyola 658
wait in the entrance door until being received…
Telephones 15 31 72 18 81     4775-7330
Every Friday  23pm

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